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For Tecnotrans the medical division is always “a flagship” due to historical partnership with historical customers who over time have entrusted Tecnotrans the complete service management.

Laboratory equipment such as hoods, bench and analysis instruments, microscopes, freezers and many more are products managed on a daily basis.

Our service includes complete customer assistance, from staff training to the inspection up to the project of the intervention with the related safety plans. And specialized equipment in these particular movements in highly critical situations, they can always garantee total security services.

Over the years TECNOTRANS has specialized in handling that ranges from small benchtop instrumentation to ultrasounds, dental machinery, radiodiagnostics, resuscitation devices, CAT and resonances also together with hospital furnishings and all machinery for the veterinary world. We work with specialized technicians who have long been dedicated to the transport of these materials with the relative specific machinery for disassembly and reassembly.