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For over fifty years TECNOTRANS is a landmark in Italy in technological transport and through network TECDIS is able to handle international transport and distribution reaching every European locations. The logistic services have been carried out for years with specific vehicles and equipment for the type of high-tech goods, whose handling is entrusted to highly qualified staff.

The strategic location of its warehouses, near to the main distribution centers in Italy, completes the company profile. The integration between warehousing and distribution managed directly without intermediaries is the strength of the company, which now operates throughout the European continent.

TECNOTRANS has branches located throughout the country that allow the company to manage transport and warehouses throughout the peninsula, including islands with a total of over 40,500 covered and equipped square meters.


Via Cesare Castiglioni, 20 Arluno (Mi)

3 DEPOSITS (ARLUNO: Via Castiglioni & Via Adua – OSSONA: Via Alfredo Didio)
Internal areas 21,000 square meters, external areas 25,000 square meters


Via del Progresso, 23 box 4 , 35127 Padova (PD)
Deliveries – Deposits
Internal areas 1800 square meters, external areas 3000 square meters


Via Faenza 6, 50056 Montelupo Fiorentino (FI)
Deliveries – Deposits
Internal areas 1500 square meters, external areas 1000 square meters


Via Naro 71, 00040 Pomezia – Roma (RM)


3 DEPOSITS (POMEZIA: Via Naro – Via della Quercie Castagnetta area – Via Tito Speri)
Internal areas 13,500 square meters, external areas 3000 square meters


Via Contrada Marezi, 85 Zona Artigianale 63010 Massignano (AP)
Deliveries – Deposits
Internal areas 600 square meters, external areas 500 square meters


S.P. 231 KM. 3,500 area ex Città Mercato – 70032 Bitonto (BA)
Deliveries – Deposits
Internal areas 1000 square meters External areas 1200 square meters


Contrada Serramunda, Zona industriale, 88044 Marcellinara (CZ)
Deliveries – Deposits
Internal areas 300 square meters External areas 500 square meters


Via Ugo La Malfa, 174 90146 Palermo (PA)
Internal areas 600 square meters, external areas 1100 square meters


Ex S.S. 131 Km. 11,200 loc. More & Corraxe 09028 Sestu (CA)
Deliveries – Deposits
Internal areas 200 square meters