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TECNOTRANS, with the experience acquired over the years, has managed to create internal teams to also follow any final construction works, window and door works and electrical wiring works.
The teams are of course always equipped with the right materials to do the job in the best possible way.

In the Medical sector Tecnotrans makes use of specialized teams for all MEDICAL TECHNICAL SERVICES from technical assembly to disassembly. Especially in this division, the experience of the technicians, with specific skills on medical devices combined with personalized training, guarantees autonomous management of the various interventions or updates of the machinery on site.

Specialized technical services with storage and disassembly for all types of materials are daily services that Tecnotrans places for many of its customers. The experience of the technicians in always working with IT products, medical and scientific equipment, fitness and wellness products, telephone exchanges, lockers, ATMs and vending machines are a guarantee of personalized service for individual and specific needs.