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TECNOTRANS, in 2008 together with other high-level partners, specialized in logistics, distribution and value-added technical services throughout Europe, created a distribution network to meet the needs of all their customers.

In 2010 they decided to name it TecDis, being the European network specialized in technical distribution, for more than 10 years, this group of logistics specialists has provided successful solutions for technical distribution; always in close collaboration with leading companies in the various sectors of our expertise, such as Healthcare and IT & Data.

With the combined experience of partners in the High Tech, HealthCare, Telecommunications, Printing, Banking and Retail, Fitness and Power sectors, the TecDis network is the leading value-added service solution in Europe.

The goal of TECNOTRANSi s to maintain the high quality of the services offered throughout Europe in order to never disappoint its customers.