Management of Tecnotrans, seeks to implement in a more effective continuous improvement of all business processes and achieve the satisfaction of all parties concerned by the Quality Management ,according to ISO 9001: 2008, has assumed full responsibility for Environment, heritage and resource that belongs to the local authority at the same time, to customers, the company, the staff and suppliers.

Management states that the inspiring vision of all the strategies and policies of the Tecnotrans is customer satisfaction and is committed to continuing to increase it total quality in business processes. It ‘also aware of the importance of environmental issues typical of a transport and integrated logistics, which provides the services of all the national territory. These aspects are analyzed specifically for the sites and activities of Tecnotrans in the document “Initial environmental analysis”, which is the starting point for the design and implementation of the Environmental Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001 2004 Edition.

The market sector, in which Tecnotrans operates, requires a particularly accurate service: the size, the sensitivity of the equipment to handle the fact that the delivery of special equipment is needed, the difficulties of positioning, punctuality are essential elements to operate at a competitive level.

It is therefore necessary for the company a clear definition of the Quality Strategy.

To this end, the company has set up and submit to continuous improvement an integrated system of environmental management for the quality,which pursues the following general objectives:

  • Through training and communication, to put all its employees in a position to know and understand the expectations of the customer, as well as your needs, which are also the subject of constant attention and study by the Corporate Bodies responsible for defining the strategies and the provision of the requested service.
  • To achieve the maximum benefits from this approach, the company intends to identify and make available all the resources necessary to enable all employees to work in optimal conditions, and to be aware and responsible for the quality of their work and their contribution to the fortunes of the company.
  • Identify customer’s needs and prepare the appropriate tools to deal with them, offering the services of integrated logistics, from the collection at the production plants, until the delivery to the end user, by means of procedures carried out in accordance with the requirements of individual customers (you can define the service Tecnotrans as the dress made by a tailor “made to measure”).

By means of the Environmental Management System TECNOTRANS intends to contribute to European programs to reduce emissions of air pollutants, traffic accidents and noise, and implement a responsible waste management and energy consumptionthrough:

  • The use of own vehicles or external suppliers, technologically recent and in a perfect state of repair
  • The optimization of loads and routes
  • The involvement and awareness of drivers with good driving practices
  • The involvement and awareness of all staff in proper waste management and rational use of energy resources
  • Continuous updating of all standards, European directives, national and local laws governing the industry
  • The definition and implementation of procedures to prevent and respond to emergencies

Everything is in harmony with the satisfaction of the customer, who wish to transport and secure storage, and delivery with a controlled impact on the environment of the target, a terms of emissions, noise and packaging waste. The Environmental Policy is in full agreement with the objectives of optimizing the costs of services and best selection of suppliers that management has made ​​in the field of Quality Management.

The Department is committed to establishing measurable targets and quantitative in order to constantly check the level of achievement of the objectives for the Environment, functional continuous improvement of business processes and their environmental performance. The formulation of environmental objectives and targets, for each calendar year, it is contextual to the one of the objectives for quality and is registered by the Directorate in a document valid for one year, available to all employees of the Company.