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TECNOTRANS for this particular sector has developed a specific division in order to always guarantee a performance that complies with the specifications required by the customer, using the best and most suitable machinery for transport with the support of 2 people always present during the service. At the end of the work, the machinery is always photographed in the final position to be able to share the work with the customer.

Tecnotrans, takes care to take charge of and coordinate all phases of operation until the delivery and positioning of the SLOTs or VLTs inside the game room. The full service follows the staging of the machine if required, delivery, installation, the reassembly of old machinery and disposal.

TECNOTRANS has also developed in recent years a specific experience in the sector of LOCKERS, VENDING MACHINES, VIDEO GAMES. Specialized teams with the use of cranes and dedicated equipment work in any context for the delivery, placement, assembly and initialize these devices.
For all machinery in this sector, TECNOTRANS offers dedicated spaces in the company for technicians who need to overhaul or repair the machines with relative storage.