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Reverse Logistics is a term that summarizes all the logistics management activity dedicated to the return of used / obsolete products, to their management, for reuse or for eventual disposal; it is an inverse distribution that causes goods and information to travel in the opposite direction to normal logistical activities.

In the sectors in which TECNOTRANS operates, growing importance is attributed to the return flows of products that have completed the path of the Forward Supply Chain or that must be reused.

The Return Logistics responds to the need of industries to create an efficient system for the recovery and treatment of used / obsolete products; in this case TECNOTRANS deals with computer equipment, printers, telecommunications equipment, scientific and medical equipment, shop and office furnishings, etc.

The main reasons that lead to the generation of return flows are:
1) economic: in today’s market the obsolescence of technological products is rapid and the consolidated conception of the physical product as part of the service offered to the customer makes it necessary to reuse the materials that compose it

2) environmental: the recovery and disposal of products in the return phase reduce the environmental impact generated by reverse flows and contribute to a greater rationalization of economic resources. This is the main reason why the new European laws oblige producers to deal with the “return” of goods from the consumer.

Over time Tecnotrans has become particularly specialized and commits to performing services of reverse logistis respectfully and effectively, using their means, warehouses and authorizations.