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The company has set up and continuously improves an integrated quality, environment and safety management system.

Always for the respect and protection of the environment

The Management of TECNOTRANS closely follows the environmental compatibility of its production processes, dedicating the utmost attention to the problems of health and safety in the workplace, rigorously analyzing all possible risks and keeping constantly updated on the legislative and regulatory landscape applicable to the own sector.

It is also aware of the importance of the environmental aspects typical of an integrated transport and logistics company, which provides its services throughout the national territory.

Through training and communication, puts all its employees in a position to know and understand the expectations of the customers for tech transport services performed.

Identifying the customer’s needs and preparing the appropriate tools to cope with them is the basis of every service for TECNOTRANS, offering an integrated management of Logistics, from collection at the production plants, to delivery to the end user, by means of implemented procedures. according to the needs of individual customers.

All this is in harmony with the satisfaction of the Customer, who wants transport, safe deposits and deliveries with a controlled impact on the destination environment.

TECNOTRANS undertakes to establish measurable and quantitative targets in order to constantly verify the degree of achievement of the objectives for the Environment, Quality and Safety, functional to the continuous improvement of business processes.

Plastic / Cardboard Through the services generated, we collect 90% of the packaging deriving from all our annual services. In this way we direct to treatment centers in a differentiated way, ready to be transformed into second-class raw materials, creating polystyrene and plastic every year. In the same way, we safely remove 180 tons of cardboard packaging from the environment.