Reverse Logistic summarize all the  operations for the inbound of used/obsolete  equipments, their management and/or scrapping operations; practically is a reverse distribution with goods and equipments travelling in a counterway  compared to the normal logistic activities.

Products sectors, served by Tencotrans are giving growing importance to reverse logistic operations for all the goods or equipment  at the end of the Forward Supply Chain or that must be reused.
Tecnotrans, since years, has set up a system of reverse Logistic that could take care of the operations from the collection at User’s location to the final scrapping operations.

(Electronis devices, telecommunications equipments, medicals, office and shop furnitures and so forth).

Principal causes that generate reverse logistic are:

1) Economics: in today’s market obsolescence of technology products is quick and consolidated view of the physical product as part of the service offered to the customer is necessary to reuse the materials that compose.

2) Environmentals: reusing and scrapping activities are very important for reducing the environmental impact of the reverse logistic operations and contribute to an higher rationalization of economic resources: This is the main reason why manufactures must complain with Europeans norms for obsolete goods management.

TECNOTRANS from long time has specialized and commits to performing reverse logistics services in a respectful and effective mode, using own means, warehouses and authorizations.